The Medical Niche (The Best?)

The medical niche comes first because, in our minds, it is the best and possibly most profitable affiliate marketing niche. It’s a healthy evergreen niche with a world of sub-niches with amazing conversion rates.

Snoring products live in this niche, and so do the highly profitable CBD/Marijuana markets. There are also hundreds of home medical devices that are a good fit for a review-style site. Depending on the product you choose, you can find a highly motivated target audience.

Let’s bring it back to the data, though. It was number one for content ROI and number two for backlink ROI respectively. This makes it a really promising niche for a new site. The work you do has a good chance of being rewarded.

However, be warned that it often takes an authority site to thrive in this niche. While this is one of the most evergreen niches around, Google has taken steps to clamp down on sites that don’t meet the highest standards.

  • Average monthly revenue: $4591
  • Average # of Content Published: 138.50
  • Average # of Backlinks: 1146
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 7.00

The Home Niche

The home niche is a vibrant niche covering home decorations, furniture, and other exterior and interior home design products. This profitable niche includes a mix of high-commission and low-commission offers, with lots of opportunities to work directly with manufacturers.

Here are the average statistics that we picked up from the home-based affiliate marketing sites that made it through our study.

  • Average monthly revenue: $2675
  • Average # of Content Published: 348.60
  • Average # of Backlinks: 5412.17
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 4.86
  • Highest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $16082
  • Lowest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $276

The Pet Care Niche

The pet niche covers a huge market. The lucrative programs in this niche may cover anything pet owners need for their furry friends from toys, to food, houses, and accessories.

It was already a burly affiliate marketing niche before the pandemic brought hundreds of thousands of new people into pet ownership.

This data may not fully cover the consequences of increased ownership over the last year, but it does confirm what we already suspected: This niche is a beast. It’s not hard to say why. Pet owners love their little fur babies, and they don’t need much convincing to spend money.

Among our ROI-graded affiliate marketing niches, it has the highest average revenue. However, as you can see in the stats below, it also has some high costs of entry with many pieces of content and links being typical on sites that are sold.

  • Average monthly revenue: 4318.86
  • Average # of Content Published: 1246.67
  • Average of Backlinks: 4984.05
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 5.10
  • Highest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $13412
  • Lowest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $599

The Outdoors Niche

The outdoors niche (not to be confused with the more hardcore survival niche) is a broad niche for everyone who loves to get outside. Affiliate products include camping gear, performance coats, hiking gear, and water bottles. Just think of it as anything you could get from REI.

The outdoor sites that appear in this study were relatively large. However, this niche lends itself well to tightly-targeted sites that focus each blog post on just one type of product.

  • Average monthly revenue: 3126.42
  • Average # of Content Published: 514.50
  • Average of Backlinks: 35723.92
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 2.33
  • Highest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $11785
  • Lowest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $759

The Electronics Niche

The electronics niche covers consumer mobile devices and home electronics. It includes phones, phone accessories, and other cutting-edge home and personal devices. Think of devices like Oura Rings, Roku’s, and other high-tech toys.

This niche covers a lot of hobby niches, especially when it comes to products that appeal to the adventurous early-adopter market. Many sites in this niche tend to focus on reviews, tech news, or breakdowns of product specs.

  • Average monthly revenue: 2054.75
  • Average of Content Published: 376.67
  • Average of Backlinks: 1226.00
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 4.08
  • Highest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $4911
  • Lowest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $675

The Sports Niche

The sports niche is a healthy one that covers sports events, memorabilia, and even some related gambling activities. Affiliate sites in the space may be collecting commissions for tickets, team-branded clothing, or memberships to fantasy sports platforms.

Sports fans represent a huge and enthusiastic market of potential customers. As you can see below, the revenue opportunity is not bad.

  • Average monthly revenue: 2946.23
  • Average of Content Published: 259.85
  • Average of Backlinks: 2512.69
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 2.85
  • Highest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $614
  • Lowest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $12851

The Health & Fitness Niche

The health niche (including the wellness niche) covers a huge variety of services and products related to self-improvement. I’ve worked in the muscle growth sub-niche, but there are also all kinds of offers for supplements, weight loss, superfoods, groups, and apps.

Considering the size and visibility of the fitness industry, it’s no surprise that the health niche can be highly profitable.

It can take an unusual amount of content to compete in this niche. For example, muscle supplements require you to churn out content on hundreds of topics to develop any real authority. The revenues in the fitness niche can make it worth the effort.

There are certainly still opportunities for newer/small sites in this affiliate niche. Take weight loss, for example. You can closely target a site to a specific program, ingredient, or device. A micro-niche can easily form when programs catch on (such as P90X from a few years back).

  • Average monthly revenue: 1678.40
  • Average of Content Published: 437.00
  • Average of Backlinks: 3365.90
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 2.60
  • Highest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $5661
  • Lowest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $592


The affiliate programs we’re going to talk about today pay well. When we’re talking well, we’re talking anywhere from $100 per lead to $1750 per sale. These companies are in the B2B space, and they want the leads and customers to convert on their site. This is why they can pay such high commissions. You just need to know how to get in front of them and give them the right conversion path for high ticket purchases.

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