Starting an email marketing campaign is an important component of your affiliate marketing strategy. Through the use of email, you can build a relationship with your potential customer as well as be kept on top of mind.

Throughout the history of the internet, it’s been proven that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies when it comes to online marketing.

With online social media marketing, you don’t own your potential customer contact information. With email marketing, you have a direct connection with your audience and with email marketing, you can reach out to them for years into the future.

1. Build an email list

Once you have an audience, the first step is to build an email list. There are a number of online tools available for email, a quick google search should reveal them. One you have chosen your platform, you can start the process of collecting emails.

2. Choose an email marketing service and build your campaign

There are many different types of CRM’s to choose from and many vary in capabilities. At this point, you are only looking for a simple email provider. One such provider is MailChimp.

Once you have logged into your email provider, it’s time to start building your email campaign.

3. Create an email template

It’s important to realize that email is a direct one-to-one communication tool. When sending emails to your potential clients, they must be personable. This is where one-to-one you get the opportunity to show them your personality and human side.

There are so many automated emails that people are looking for a genuine connection. Email offers a unique way, dripped over many weeks or months to foster and nurture that relationship.

Email marketing best practices to keep in mind

Choose your email address carefully

The more personal the better. Some people have impersonal email addresses, like “hello@” or “contactus@”. It’s highly recommended when setting up your email (reply) address to use a name, it doesn’t have to be your name, but a name nonetheless.

Don’t use too many images

Yes, it’s important to use images (especially animated ones) in your emails but don’t overdo it. Images should be used to direct the eyes to the next sequence of thought in your emails.

Know your audience

There is where you have a clear idea of who your audience (avatar) is and the email speaks to their likes, wants, and needs. Knowing your audience is an important and significant step when it comes to building your relationships with them.

Simple email signature

Email signatures are important and help your audience to remember who you are. But, at the same time, these signatures should be short and simple.

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