A high-ticket product is one with a much larger price tag than most others. Most affiliates, like myself, start out using low-value products like those you’d find on Amazon. I started with Amazon and promoted items from their partner program. Anyone can join this program and promote products for a percentage of the sale value. But with most products from Amazon, you’ll only earn 3%-11% commission.

With a product like a microwave oven worth $61.99, you’ll only earn 4.5% under the kitchen category. That’s $2.70 in commission. With a strategy like this, you’ll have to sell a lot of items to make a full-time living and replace an existing job. But with high ticket affiliate marketing, it’s a different story.

Best High Ticket Products To Use

The SFM offers the best high-ticket products to use for a number of reasons. It offers:

  1. A number of high-ticket products from which you can earn large commissions
  2. Recurring commission products – subscription products give you an ongoing income from each sale, rather than a single commission
  3. Training and education through their digital mentor’s programs
  4. A built-in sales team – helping you by closing sales on your behalf and answering members’ questions
  5. Multi-tier commissions – earn commissions based on sales made by your referrals.
  6. A product range – each product offers more value than the last. This means you can refer a member once and benefit from later purchases they make – even if they are made years apart.

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Final Thoughts

With a low-value product like a watch from Amazon, for example, you can earn a 7% commission. Let’s say the watch is valued at $100. You make $7 for each sale. To make $1000 you’ll need to sell 143 watches. With a highly valued product, you can earn a 40% commission on a $2500 sale. That’s $1000 per sale.

Many people assume that it’s much harder to sell a $2500 product online. But in order to make the same money, you’ll need to sell 143 watches at the lower value commission rate. Do you think it’s 143 times as difficult to sell the larger value item?

In fact, the same strategies can be used to sell high-ticket items as low-value products. But you have an added advantage with high-value affiliate products because you’re able to use paid marketing more effectively. With a $7 commission, it’s very hard to run a paid advert and still make a profit. But with a $1000 commission, it’s much more realistic.

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