If you are looking to be successful in affiliate marketing, choosing the right niche is a must. The niche you choose must be on a topic which you are interested in, profitable and in high demand.

The most important element when choosing a niche is to find a topic in which you are genuinely interested. It’s very important that this niche motivate you (when times get difficult) as this is the most common reason people fall away from their efforts.

The niche must also provide you with a steady revenue stream which means the niche needs to be a high-demand niche as well as offer high commissions.

Benefits of Having a Niche

A niche is a specific segment of the market and the more specific your niche, the more targeted your marketing can be. This is very important as it helps you to focus on a very specific audience.

With affiliate marketing, your niche should be a small target audience. This will help you with your pitch and profits.

As your followers grow, you will learn more about their needs and wants which will help in expanding your marketing within the niche.

Another very important benefit to being very specific with your niche is that it establishes you as an expert within your market.

What Makes a Profitable Niche?

The most important aspect of your niche is that is must be profitable, otherwise why choose it. You are in this business to make money, so the niche must be able to provide you with the financial return you are looking for.

Some important aspects to take into consideration that make your niche profiable are:

Commission Structure

The price of the product or service you are selling and the commission offered. Higher commission 40% or higher doesn’t always mean earning more as oftentimes very high commission also means a harder sell.

Is the commission recurring? This is a relatively new aspect to affilaite marketing and seen a lot in software sales. While the monthly comission may not be very high, there is the potential for lifetime commissions on some items which are sold.

Low Market Competition

Compeition is important to verify there is demand and they people are buying, but too much compettition is bad. It’s important to find realively new growth niches which have proven demand but not yet saterated.

Performing keyword search and analysis will help to identify both the demand and competition for a perticular niche.

Choosing an Evergreen Market

An ever green market is a where market demand will never stop. It’s where you can market and promote your offers year round (evergreen) for steady and consistent earnings. For example, relationships, weightloss, gaming, and health are evergreen.

Growing Market Trend

You will also want to ensure that the future demand for your niche is growing and with that, so will your sales. Google Trends is a great tool for determining the historical and current trends.

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